Starts Where He Left Off

Battle wasted no time picking up where he left off. In the preseason opener against the Broncos, Battle had a nice 26 yard catch that set up the 49ers first touchdown of the game. Battle once again showed why he has one of the best set of hands in the game. Quarterback Alex Smith through a pass where only Battle could catch it, diving and just falling short of the goalline. That was the lone highlight of the evening for the receiver who played only a handful of games.

~ by O9 on August 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Starts Where He Left Off”

  1. I hope you start this season i got faith in you buddy.Always a fan of the N.D. tradition.Bryant Young,Ricky Waters,Joe Montana and now “The battle Ax”.Nice catch against The Bronco’s.”Your the best ALL AROUND WIDE RECEIVER WE GOT” Even D.J. cant block as good as you!

  2. Good luck this year Arnaz. We keep up with like we have since Byrd days.

  3. NO bigger fan of Arnaz battle than me!!

    praying for you always arnaz…from byrd, notre dame to the niners!

    -mark cole

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