Raising the Bar

As a competitor Battle would be lying to say that he hasn’t thought about that one more catch but the fifth-year receiver is moving on, knowing that dwelling too long on the past won’t change things.

“What has happened has happened and you just have to keep moving forward and correct it and try to do better. I think the big thing that helped me understand that and I hate talking about it too much was the death of my brother which happened when we were kids. I can’t bring him back, nobody can. I just have to deal with it and keep living and do the best for my family. I just carry that in every day life, and especially in football. Whether I drop a ball or fumble a ball, I know I have to brush it off and just do better the next time.”

With that in mind, Battle raised the bar for himself when it came time to fill out his goal sheet for the upcoming season.

“I understand what I can do and this year I wrote down 70 catches and 1,000 yards,” said Battle who also had the math worked out and memorized how many more yards that means for 2007. “That’s 11 more catches and 314 yards and I think that’s something that I can get. Obviously that depends on staying healthy and how we all do as an offense.”

As a unit, Battle sees no reason that the 49ers offense shouldn’t soar in the upcoming campaign.

Full Story: Battle Raises the Bar – [49ers.com]

~ by O9 on June 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Raising the Bar”

  1. I hope you are the second receiver this year and break the 1000 yard mark some time soon.

  2. BReAk Out Season!07-08 season! 1000 plus yards! if not ill be beheaded… 😦

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