Battle on Quinn

“Even back then, when he came to work out with us before his freshman year at ND, you could see the physical tools, the arm strength that might be able to take him places,” said Battle, a former Notre Dame quarterback set to embark on his fifth season as an NFL wide receiver.”I think he’ll do very well in the NFL. It’s a different game on this level. A lot has to do with the situation you’re put into and the system you’re running, but the talent is there. Once he gets his confidence rolling — and confidence is such a big thing in the league — the sky’s the limit for him.”

[Battle: Quinn has NFL Tools] – South Bend Tribune

~ by O9 Productions on April 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Battle on Quinn”

  1. well,he isnt going to be a fortyniner so i dont care.but i hope you get better next year.start praticing against nate clements.

  2. I’ve enjoyed watching you get better and better. I know you’ll end up on top where you belong. I’m proud to brag about you anytime I’m watching the niners play. Good luck next season.

  3. Arnaz is definetly the best pass catching QB in the league. Going against Clements in practice will only make him better. Can’t wait till the niners take the field this season. We are going to be something special this year. Can’t wait.

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